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PSIG Gendarme ( Peloton de Surveillance et d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie)


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English :

New ped, a PSIG ped, a division of the Gendarmerie Nationale

With this ped you can have a short sleeve polo with a bulletproof vest. You’ve got a a duty belt, made by Lundy (Good job man 😉 ).

This ped replace the Chemsec ped but can be what ever you want.

I’m french so I wanted to represent my country in GTA, but I’m not alone, making GTA looking frenchi is the work of the BARO Team Modding, you can check the link below 🙂

Instal :

-From the s_m_m folder : x64e -> model -> cdimage -> s_m_m
-From the pedprop folder : x64e _> model -> cdimage -> pedprop


Français :

Ped PSIG, il remplace le Chemsec.

Vous retrouverez un Polo à manche courte, un gilet par-balle, et une ceinture de service, réalisé par Lundy, beau trvail 😉 ).

Installation :

-Dans le dossier s_m_m : x64e -> model -> cdimage -> s_m_m
-Dans le dossier pedprop : x64e -> model -> cdimage -> pedprop

Credits : Baud0412 (Baro Team), Rockstar Games, Lundy

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