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Renault Scenic II Police Nationale


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> Français :
Voici le Renault Scenic II de la Police Nationale. La sirène de la police française est incluse.

Installeur rapide et facile pour OpenIV inclus.

> English :
Here is the Renault Scenic II used by the french police. The french police siren is also included.

Quick and easy installer package for OpenIV included.


> Vehicle :

Original 3D model for GTA 4 by skybh
Converted and improved for GTA 5 by MisterPC
vehicles.meta edited by MisterPC

> French siren : by Guncharted78


– Je ne fourni aucun support ni aucune aide dans la partie réservée aux commentaires. Si vous avez besoin d’aide pour installer ce véhicule, veuillez me contactez sur
ma page Facebook. Merci.
– I do not provide any support or help in the comments section. If you need help to install this vehicle please contact me on my Facebook page. Thanks.


– DO NOT upload or redistribute this mod on a website without my permission.
– DO NOT edit, modify or convert the .yft 3D model files without my permission.
– You can create and distribute your own skin / texture without asking me permission as long as you upload the .ytd texture files ONLY and you mention me in the credits. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE .yft FILES (3D model) with your skin / texture.

Changelog update 1.1 : – Added missing interior texture


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